Our happy customers.

We work really hard to make sure our customers are happy. Here are some of the nice things they’ve said.


Thank you 1300 Pattern Numbers, for helping us identify a suitable phone word for our business, and taking the time to explain how it all worked.

Not only does 1800 ADD SPACE perfectly match our business name, but it describes exactly what we do.

We offer services such as extensions and renovations, but our true passion lies in converting Sydney’s wasted attic spaces into amazing light filled habitable rooms.

Although we only secured 1800 ADD SPACE back in November, we have already placed it on all our business stationery, vehicles, website, signage, etc.

We consider 1800 ADD SPACE to be a marketing aid rather than a telecommunications expense.

We have been inundated with enquiries, and converted so much work, that we are fully booked for the next 8 months.

Our biggest struggle at the moment is attracting new well trained tradies to cope with the additional work flow.

That¹s not such a bad problem to have. 🙂

Nicholas Mansfield
Add+Space Building and Renovations


1800 600 600

Sleep Electric specialises in the supply of electrical adjustable beds. In fact, that¹s all we do!

Many of our prospects contact us be phone to arrange in-home consultations and demonstrations.

We required a phone number that was easy to dial and easy to remember. We considered a Phone Word, but couldn¹t find anything that was synergistic with our brand or product offering. Also, we were unsure whether one of our main target markets of “older adults” would be familiar with dialing a Phone Word.

After being offered a huge range of available Pattern Numbers, we ended up selecting 1800 600 600. It is now used in our TV ads, on our mobile showroom vans, and throughout all our marketing material.

1800 600 600 shows that we are customer focussed. We also believe it reinforces our position as a well established and respected business.

Eddie Walker
Sleep Electric